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Big Bore Belly Guns

The .45 ACP Sixgun

acp8.jpg (46861 bytes) acp_cylinders.jpg (19437 bytes) acp_muzzles.jpg (12281 bytes) acp1.jpg (15075 bytes)
Built on an Old Model
Ruger 3-screw .357
Rebarrel & rechamber
were by Alpha Precision
Left- ACP cylinder
Right- .357 cylinder
Left- ACP muzzle
Right - .357 muzzle
 Cosby Custom Guns did
the topstrap remodel,
remarking, and the 
nickel finish 
acp2.jpg (11371 bytes) acp3.jpg (17861 bytes) acp5.jpg (15482 bytes) acp1.jpg (18856 bytes)
Engraving by 
Mike Dubber
Caliber markings Rear sight/top strap
redone ala Colt SAA
Note the speedloader


The Sixgunner.Com Limited Edition .45 Colt

special1.jpg (24477 bytes) l_barrel.jpg (14574 bytes) r_barrel.jpg (13980 bytes) r_frame.jpg (15310 bytes)
Built by Reeder Custom
Guns on a Ruger Vaquero
Note barrel markings -
There were only 20 of
these built.
The first of 20
grip.jpg (12064 bytes) grip_bottom.jpg (11446 bytes) ejector.jpg (14789 bytes) recoil.jpg (37851 bytes)
Custom grip Reeder's Logo Note Ejector & cylinder
Recoil from Buffalo Bore
heavy loads is stout


jim_pig1.jpg (36609 bytes) I used the Sixgunner Special to take
a Javelina sow.  Ammo was Cor-Bon
200 gr. JHP - distance was about
20 feet.   Near Oracle, AZ
jim_pig2.jpg (68426 bytes)








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