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Snore Calling Deer.
By Danny Clayton

This is a new system for calling in Deer. It works great Iíve bagged at least 20 plus Deer this way. Well a couple anyway. I think all hunters have used this system without recognizing it as a method to be perfected. I personally have perfecting this system. As all systems it takes years of practice. I have developed this system into a science. This system is just perfect for you Cowboy Action Shooting Guys. 

1.    Requirement for this system.

a.     A very fast handling Gun.  Six Guns in 357 or better are great. Pick one you can shoot fast and can hit what you shoot at.  Other good Guns are short-barreled carbines with iron sights. No Scopes here they are too slow.  I tried one of them new fangled Aim Points but the batteries went dead just when I needed it. Your old Winchester or Marlin 30-30 is just about perfect. So too are the Cowboy action shooting Irons. If you use a Six Gun get a holster that you can get to quick while sitting.

b.    Comfortable warm clothing is essential.

c.     Comfortable seating is also a great asset.

d.    A Thermos of Hot Coco. Iíll explain later.

e.    A big gut is also helpful.

f.       A deviated septum is also a great help but not required.

g.    The older you are the better you will get at this.

2.    Preparation required.

a.     It helps if you are over weight and old but even young ones can do it if they work at it.

b.    Being able to shoot fast and straight is important. Practice Practice. Competing in Cowboy Action Shooting is good.

c.     Donít load your ammo early and for sure donít pack your gear until the night before Season Open.

d.    Practice getting the safety off you gun as quietly as possible. If you use the Hammer Gun practices cocking the hammer slow a quite.

e.    Make sure you eat a big meal of Turkey the night before you go. 

Now itís the night before hunting day. Stay up late loading your ammo and packing all of your gear. Make sure you donít get done until 4am and head for you favorite Deer Stand. Get into you Stand and setup that comfortable seat. After getting settle in is the time to have a cup of the Hot Coco. Lean you loaded rifle up against a tree or something. Never ever have it across you lap or keep your hand on any of the guns, your libel to shoot yourself in the foot. Now take a nap. Hours later when you wake up feeling someone or something staring at you open your eyes very slowly.  

Here is where the skill that comes with practice and experience comes into play. You have to resist the urge to jump up and shout DEER! Youíre very likely to have a big Buck or several Deer standing within as little as 20 feet away staring at you. You have to move as slow as a Marine Sniper to get your gun into play before they streak away like a spotted assed ape. This is where the practice with getting the safety off or the hammer on your gun cocked quietly pays off. It may just give you that half second jump on the Deer.  

Now for the advanced practitioner here is another way to get a half second more. Back in the preparation phase you can go to you Wife and borrow that tape she played you when she was complaining about your snoring and you insisted that you donít snore. Listen to it and practice simulating the snoring when you are awake so it sounds like you do when you are asleep. The reason this is helpful is because if you stop snoring suddenly when the Deer is staring at you trying to figure out what the heck that noise is it will spook him or at least put him into Condition Yellow. If you can keep pretending to snore like you were while you get your hand on the gun and get it into play youíll get that extra half second of time. I missed my chance at the biggest Buck Iíve ever seen when I cocked the hammer on my old Marlin 336 in 35 Remington once. The Click when he was standing 20 feet from me sent him into the streak mode and I never got the rifle to my shoulder.  Now shoot fast. If youíre really good you might get a couple of them. 

Warning, while being overweight and old helps with the calling, makes sure your Heart is in good shape because this system is hard on the old ticker.  

Good luck Snore Calling Deer. Let me know how it goes.  

Danny Clayton








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