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One-Piece Firing Pin for the Marlin 1894

A week or so ago I ordered a one-piece firing pin kit from Evil Roy's Shooting School having read good reviews of it.  


UPDATE:  Our own Steve Young here on Leverguns sells the one-piece firing pins. You can get hold of him at:

Steve Young aka Nate Kiowa Jones Sass# 6765 

Steve's Guns aka "Rossi 92 Specialists" 
4525 Alamosa st. 
Port Arthur TX 77642 


Email; steve@stevesgunz.com

Tel: 409-984-5473 

This was the last part of the customizing/rebuild that I had planned for the 32-20 Model 1894CL.  I was excited to see the kit come in the mail today and immediately made for the shop.

Installation was fast and easy.  And WOW! I thought the little levergun was slick before! I cannot describe adequately how much of a difference installing this kit made. The kit includes the new firing pin (made of tool steel, a new main spring and lever plunger spring.

Installing the one-piece firing pin kit.

1.jpg (70657 bytes) Having made sure the levergun is unloaded, remove the lever.
2.jpg (43532 bytes) Pull the lever out and then remove the bolt.  Be careful not to lose the ejector. It simply sets in a notch so be aware of it.
3.jpg (44244 bytes) The pins holding the firing pin in place must be driven out. You do not have to remove the one in the middle completely from the bolt. Remove the rear one and then drive the center one up until the firing pin comes out.
4.jpg (47429 bytes)
5.jpg (38467 bytes) Slide the new firing pin into place, making sure it is turned correctly so that the center retaining pin can be reinstalled.
6.jpg (45459 bytes)
7.jpg (100413 bytes) Remove the pin retaining the lever plunger.  Remove the old spring and install the new spring, then reinstall the lever plunger.
Reinstall the bolt and the lever in the firearm.  Then remove the stock and with the hammer down, remove the main spring.  Simply slide the mainspring retainer sideways in the slot. Don't force it. You don't need to bend anything. It will come out the side.
8.jpg (83222 bytes) Install the new mainspring on the hammer strut. Put the mainspring retainer on the strut, with the bottom edge inserted into the slot in the lower tang. Push the top of the retainer forward and slide it in.
Reinstall the stock and you are ready!  The difference in feel is amazing.





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