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 Feb. 2008 - Leverguns Hunt with 86r


im007103.jpg (72845 bytes) im007108.jpg (40590 bytes) im007110.jpg (58224 bytes) im007112.jpg (44489 bytes)
Whitetail Buck
im007114.jpg (40442 bytes)
Whitetail Doe & Fallow Deer
im007118.jpg (24680 bytes) im007119.jpg (39619 bytes) im007120.jpg (37399 bytes)
Tycer - Mike Rintoul
im007121.jpg (37265 bytes)
im007122.jpg (28995 bytes)
im007123.jpg (34854 bytes)
Tycer - Mike Rintoul
(Grizzly Cartridges)
im007124.jpg (36559 bytes)
im007133.jpg (85016 bytes)
JimT & 86r
The hunt was near Hondo, Texas. We saw lots
of game, but the pigs did not co-operate very
well.  Such is hunting.  
It was a pleasure meeting everyone!!
Thanks Joe (86r) for setting this up.  
And thanks to Richard, Mike Rintoul and all
the ones who contributed to the auction.
lindner.jpg (35505 bytes)
Fungus Sam

Photos taken with my cell phone camera when the game got close ... 
(my digital camera is old and noisy and spooked them)

att00002.jpg (23380 bytes)
Corsican Ram
att00012.jpg (28249 bytes)
86r checking a blind
att00061.jpg (26933 bytes)
Black Hawaiian Ram





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