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Walther/Crosman Lever Action Air Gun …   

Walther/Crosman Air-Powered Levergun

(copied from the Crosman ad)

The new Walther Lever Action Repeating Rifle, with function and action perfectly mimicking its live fire counterpart, is a stunning replica airgun. This is one of the best air rifle replicas ever released! The new Walther rifle is now available for shipment to airgun enthusiasts.  

The models available will start in price at about $249.00. This is great value for the type of airgun you’re getting.  

The Walther rifle is constructed entirely of metal and wood, and uses a revolutionary dual power COČ system for a new level of power and performance. Shot to shot accuracy, longevity and consistency is unparalleled for an airgun using standard COČ cartridges.  

This rifle can get up to 70 high powered shots from standard 12gr COČ cartridges, and uses the same .177cal (4.5mm) 8 shot rotary magazine system as the Walther pistols.

If you want one of the best replica air rifles made to date, order one now! Our order demand to Crosman will help determine how many of these rifles will be made available.                                                                                                                             

  • Airgun - Lever Action COČ .177 (4.5mm) Pellet Only

  • Gas Capacity - Approximately 70 Shots Per (2)COČ

  • Sights - Bladed Fixed Front Adjustable Rear Optional 4x32 Scope

  • Construction - Metal Body and Features American Hardwood

  • Magazine Capacity - 8 Shots - Umarex Rotary Magazine

  • Safety - Crossbolt Trigger Block

  • Barrel - Rifled Steel in 2 lengths: Short Barrel 15"  Long Barrel 18.9"

  • Velocity - up to 639 fps (optimal)

  • Weight - 7.50lbs

See the Ad on Crosman's website:






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