Car Shoot - Mt. Vernon, MO  May 14, 2005


car1.JPG (129694 bytes)
One fine Ford Taurus
car2.JPG (73400 bytes)
Tom Linder - Rangemaster
car3.JPG (88479 bytes)
Tom giving a safety briefing
car4.JPG (71510 bytes)
Firing Line
car5.JPG (148476 bytes)
Inspecting the results
of the First Volley
car6.JPG (64308 bytes)
Tyler finds his hits
car7.JPG (97834 bytes)
Just after the
goes off
car8.JPG (60136 bytes) car9.JPG (307037 bytes)
Another charge goes off
under the hood
car10.JPG (144144 bytes)
car11.JPG (85970 bytes)
Think they would
buy it back?
car12.JPG (114550 bytes)
car13.JPG (144371 bytes)
Tracers do set things
on fire.
car14.JPG (98961 bytes)
The engine is a little
car15.JPG (136943 bytes)
car16.JPG (103657 bytes)
Tannerite packs a punch
car.JPG (43859 bytes)
A "Before" photo -
When the Tannerite went off
the trunk lid cleared the tree just
to the rear of the car.

The car shoot was not as well attended as we hoped for, but those who turned out had a blast .. literally!  Thanks to Al we hid a 1-pound powder can full of Tannerite in the trunk and several other standard charges under the hood.  When the one in the trunk was hit it made a tremendous explosion.  Parts of the car were blown 80 yards.  The trunk lid cleared the large oak tree just the rear of the car in the bottom right photo.

We wanted to use this as a opportunity to raise money to pay for some new targets for our Cowboy Action club.  Thanks to those who turned out we raised more than enough to pay for the project.  Thanks guys.

And we helped save the earth from used cars ravaging our highways.